the project A new 55,000 sq. ft., 59-bed, single-story skilled nursing facility with extensive installation of Inpro Door + Wall products.

Architect:  TreanorHL - Boise, Idaho

General Contractor:  Layton Construction - Boise, Idaho

Interiors Contractor: OECworks - Boise, Idaho


Inpro® Products Used

Aspex® Printed Wall Protection was used in large mural formats to depict local landscapes and nature scenes.  These Aspex installations were placed in and near the central reception and staff hub. Numerous Inpro interior protection products were installed, including rigid sheet in Clamshell and Hazelwood, Model 150 and 160 corner guards in Clamshell, Model 1600 wall guards also in Clamshell and Inpro’s 3110 ligature-resistant handrail. A unique design element was the application of Ricochet® Flexible Wall Protection as a wainscoting behind the handrails and wall guards as shown here.  

The Project

The Syringa Chalet is a new 55,000 sq. ft., 59-bed, single-story skilled nursing facility at the State Hospital complex in eastern Idaho. Inpro was the supplier of interior architectural products to the interiors contractor, OECworks of Boise, Idaho; and our main customer contact was Julia Wright, the general manager of construction at OEC. Inpro worked hand in hand with Julia and OECworks to keep on-time deliveries of product flowing to the job site even as the architects made several changes in the project’s wall-protection scope.  It was Inpro’s flexibility and hands-on approach that allowed OEC to stay on schedule and keep their crews engaged with the installation.

“We selected inpro to work with because of their reputation in the hospital industry. Inpro, honestly, was the only choice – their reputation, their technical expertise, and their quick response is really what kept us afloat in this particular project.  They were amazing … they came together and helped us in a very timely way.

After this project, it's hard not to say that Inpro is always going to be my first choice for wall protection. They were a great member of our team, and I would love to work with them again on a future project.” – Julia Wright