Manual Cordless Window Shade

    Our CF Series Manual Cordless Window Shade is a manual solution to eliminate a potential cord hazard, without the higher cost of a motorized system. Adjust and set the shade with the touch of a finger with our spring roller system. It's User-friendly and easy to maintain, ideal for daycares, patient rooms, dormitories, and more. Optional side channels are available for added privacy.

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    Technical Data - CF200 SoloMount Dual Cordless Shade
    Technical Data - CF300 SoloMount Cordless Shade
    Technical Data - CF200 Pocket Cordless Shade
    Technical Data - CF300 Pocket Cordless Shade
    Specifications - Manual Cordless Shade
    Technical Data - CF200 SoloMount Cordless Shade

    Additional Information

    • User-friendly fingertip control
    • Cordless operation
    • Innovative sleek design
    • Clear handle with optional extension wand for tall, hard to reach shades
    • Available in single and dual shade for flexibility in light control and privacy
    • Optional side channel provides additional light blocking and stability
    • Custom printed shades available


    Max. RUD

    Min. Shade Width

    Max. Shade Width

    Max. Shade Height

    Fascia Compatible

    CF200 Pocket 2-3/4" 17" 120" 144" No
    CF200 SoloMount 2-3/4" 17" 120" 144" Yes
    CF200 SoloMount Dual 2-3/4" 17" 120" 144" Yes
    CF300 Pocket 3-3/4" 17" 120" 144" No
    CF300 SoloMount 3-3/4" 17" 120" 144" Yes
    System Capabilities are for guideline purposes only based on WT 243 fabric and do not guarantee that a shade with any fabric can be made to these dimensions.  Width and length may vary depending on selected shade fabric.  Visit or contact Customer Service to verify system capabilities based on project specific selections.  
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    Limited Lifetime Warranty – Inpro WT Shade Systems

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    Installation Instructions - WT Shade Manual and Motorized Shade
    Clean-up and Maintenance - Inpro WT Shade Systems