He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Here, you will find peace and beauty. As time moves on, there will be more food for the heart (poetry), food for the tummy (recipes), and food for the soul (short stories). The look and content will change with the seasons and with more knowledge gained by me. Only the future knows what will become of it, but my dream is that it becomes a refuge from the world and a place of tranquility.

The name “vanya melda”, comes from an ancient language spoken before the time of the moon and sun. It means “beautiful friend” and is meant to be a place of friendship as well as loveliness.

I traveled and searched every corner of the Internet many times over, looking for a place where the fragrance of loveliness wafted out from my computer screen; to no avail. It is my greatest desire that here the sound of a sigh may be heard and the stirring of a heart may be felt.

May you find joy in this place ~ Tasarwen

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