Aldúlya ~ Tuesday

Gently on gossamer wings, a veil of muted colors has floated down into my realm. Soft, peach-colored mornings give way to golden afternoons. Autumn has slowly drifted in and without even a bit of fanfare, summer is on the wane. One season is blending with the other in a way that seems unnoticed.

However, a whirling dervish is taking place all around me. It is the last burst of energy before all of us settle in for the winter. Gardens are being cleaned out, shrubs are being trimmed, and roses are allowed to keep their blooms, thus producing hips. All summer, I have enjoyed bringing dozens of roses into my little cottage. They overflowed vases of every size and shape. But now the blooms must stay on their bushes in order to signal that it is time to rest.

I am constantly amazed at how fast the days stream past. The lovely month of May appeared just yesterday and now it is several months past. Methinks there is some sort of conspiracy and the powers that be are stealing hours from my days. I suppose that daylight savings time is a type of time thief. "They" manage to rob all of us of an hour and then with a great show of generosity, give it back to us in the fall.

Bonnie one year

Little Bonnie had a birthday last week. She turned the ripe old age of one year. When looking back at some of her baby pictures, I realized that she has blossomed into a beautiful girl. She has changed a great deal. I'm beginning to witness an elegant demeanor and presence about her. As she grows older, I imagine she will become even more dignified. As much as I love to see her transitioning into a queenly beauty, in a way I miss her kittenish behavior. But, it is the way of things. Change happens.

With our warm, sunny days, it is difficult to acknowledge that October is less than a week away. There is a hush about the place. It is the breath taken before the plunge. As much as I am aware that this lovely weather cannot last, I intend to enjoy every moment outside, clinging to each drop of sunshine. When the time comes, I will release my tightly clinched hands and let these beautiful fall days give way to the darkness of winter. There are times when it is wiser to switch than fight.

May you know when to let go ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

Enchantment is introduced to me before the rising of the sun. Very softly, the tips of long white whiskers tickle my face followed by a kiss on the nose. Bonnie never fails to let me know that a new day is about to begin. If I am lazy and pull the covers over my head, she lays her head down on my pillow next to mine and rumbles away. She will be one year old next week and her kittenish ways are vanishing. As of late, she likes to sit and watch rather than gallop around our abode. I miss her playing with anything she can push across the floor, but seeing her develop into a regal beauty is fascinating.

After another week filled with the smoke from the many forest fires that surround our town, the skies have become gray and overcast with an initial feel of fall. I am watching the weather like a hawk and taking notice of the nightly lows. With the coming of the first hard frost, I put all daily activities aside and begin to put my gardens to bed. There they will hibernate through the long, cold months of winter and I will get a break from all the weeding, pruning, and gathering.

In my mountain valley, fall is simply the season for transitioning from a time of lush growing to a time of dark sleep. But it is a time for rest, also. I enjoy my gardens very much and wonder at times what it would be like be able to pick roses and smell petunias year 'round. The thought is alluring. However, the flow of life would somehow be missing. As one event or season moves into the next, there seems to be a definite order to life.

Each day is risky, in that I never know when the first really big cold front will sweep it's way through my realm, bringing with it snow and cold temperatures. It is quite exciting, to say the least. There is always something to which I look forward. Gone are thoughts of freezing to death, replaced by thoughts of something new about to happen. Anticipation of something new (and possibly better), raises my spirits.

I am constantly amused how lovely it is to simply change gears and look at something through a different attitude. For while we can not control those powerful occurrences that happen around us, we can control how we see those events. Happiness is a choice, not something that comes along all by itself.

May you reach out for even the smallest of delights ~ Tasarwen

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Ëarenya ~ Thursday


As foretold, a wave of cool air from the north has washed over my realm, chasing away the haze and smoke. Beautiful blue skies and crystalline air have become the norm and a frost warning was announced just a day ago. Clarity of vision and of thought have overtaken me.

As I look around my abode, a sense of beauty and order comes to my mind. Somehow, pale blush-colored walls, paintings of roses, and rainbow reflections from crystal chandeliers produce an enchantment. Fireflies of many colors dance upon the walls when the setting sun strikes many of the crystals. There appears a brief time of the day when I hold my breath and stop whatever I am doing, just to gaze upon these flashes of fantasy. There is a glow about the place. I am constantly amazed at the different aspects of light; light reflected and light produced.

With fascination, I gaze upon those small spots of color produced by the crystals. They cover every color of the color spectrum and the walls of my abode are alive with them. Just touching one crystal creates a room alive with quivering light that dances in every direction. Then, very quietly and with a small flash, they vanish along with the setting sun.

More and more, of late, I have become aware that my own life on this earth is but a brief moment in time. It never fails to lift my spirits when I remember that this life is brief but eternity is forever. If I knew for sure that life, as I know it, were to disappear in the quickness of a flash, what would I do during the time left? Often, I ponder this. What would I do differently? Methinks if my actions need to be different, then those actions (or behaviors) actually need to change. It is sobering thought.

There always seem to be consequences, be they good or bad. They may be recognized or not recognized, but they are there none the less. Continuing to be aware that my days may be short brings into focus that which is the most important. For it is the giving to and sharing with others that gives life meaning.

May you often share a smile ~ Tasarwen

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Ëarenya ~ Thursday

Of late, my days are flowing along very predictably. Surprises have been few and stress (unless it is of my own making) has been minimal. Before the sun makes its appearance, I quietly move down the stairs to morning’s first cup of coffee. The pre-dawn quiet is as the hush before a storm. With a sigh, I wrap my fingers around the warm mug and sip my way into the day. Dawn’s first light seems to carry along with it the clamor of life. Before all the busyness of the day begins, I always drop a knee to the Lord and speak with Him awhile. Oh, how I long for the day when I can speak with Him, face to face. To hear the sound of His loving voice will be such a delight. But, these days we live in are the days of faith. I live, believing, even though I can not see Heavenly beings or things.

As morning proceeds, breakfast is followed with harp practice and then a quick trip to the gym. Playing the harp has become even more joyful to me of late. I love the long minutes of warming up and stretching my fingers. Carefully, I listen to the tone coming off each finger. It becomes such a tactile experience and I feel as if I am caressing each string, relishing the bell-like sound. Without doing these exercises, my ability at the harp would diminish abruptly. As I work my way through various pieces that I play, I usually encounter trouble spots. Therefore, I isolate these spots and repeat playing them correctly, usually at tempo, several times. The wonderful thing about it is that I am never bored for these trouble spots change....weekly.

Now that my hubby has stopped full-time working, we ride our bikes over to the gym every other day. There are days when I feel a bit lazy and entertain the thought of not going. But, it is pleasant to have a place to go and our workout time ends well. We usually humor ourselves by groaning and complaining how sore we are and reminiscing about those days long ago, when we looked so cute and young, just like the younger ones do in their stylish workout clothes. However, there is a certain amount of freedom in knowing you can dress for comfort and not have to look “cool” anymore.

This afternoon, as I sit up in my studio (which has the feel of being in a crow’s nest as onboard a sailing ship), filtered sunlight is beaming in through lace curtains. It is always tempting to just sit and stare out of the window. There are mountains all around, covered with coniferous forests. My window faces west and the sunsets are breathtaking. My hubby is out wallowing around in his garage, making a cabinet for some of his tools. For the first time in a very long time, he is having fun. After such a long and productive working life, it is nice to see him happily occupied.

summer trail

We had dreamed and planned for a meandering vacation through the Cascade mountains of Washington, stopping and staying when and where we desired. However, with the coming season of cold, we decided it would be in our best interest to simply stay home and play our way through various projects. Life has become calm and I am truly amazed at how different things are now that we are out of the working world.

Oh, how I long to walk down forested paths once again. I miss very little about those days when I lived in that high mountain town. But, my memories of my beloved path through the woods is always right on the edge of my mind. Never do I cease to smile. Those memories give me a happy glow when I peacefully gaze upon them. These are lovely thoughts and it is with pleasure that I realize I will have them with me forever.

May you always think on happy memories ~ Tasarwen

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