Aldúya ~ Tuesday

Every year as the leaves begin to drift down, glittering in their golden array, my thoughts always turn to how quickly the days go by. My life truly is flying along at a faster speed with every year. One moment a new day is dawning and the next moment, the dark blues of evening have arrived. Often times, I stare at the rose and peach colors of the sun setting sky, trying to hold onto the day as long as I can. I feel as if I am sitting back and watching a life (mine) go speeding by, gaining greater momentum with each passing season. One moment I am wallowing in the rich lushness of youth and the next moment I am cruising into old age. These thoughts are daunting.

I have heard it said that one must do something daring and scary everyday. However, I truly think that one must do at least one thing that brings happiness and pleasure. Of late, I have been thinking much about what it may be that brings me great joy. It is very easy to slip into the mundane and forget to focus on that which gives happiness. Perhaps happiness is a state of mind and in any situation one can decide to just be happy. That is a freeing thought because at any time and in any place one can know the joys of true bliss. There may not need to be a special place or special things that bring on the joy. I have heard it said that we must “bloom where we are planted”. Methinks there is much wisdom in those words.

It came to me just a few days past that even in the most trying of circumstances, I am allowed to simply be happy. The circumstances can still be less than stellar, however with that, a smile can always be free to creep across my face. Therefore, I have decided it is possible to be happy, no matter what comes my way. Often I muse as to why my initial response is one of panic or gloom. Would it be possible to train one’s self to not jump to the dark side but instead to have the freedom of delight? This would be an exercise worth pursuing.

And so as the dark and cold days of winter are bearing down on me, looking very much like the gigantic blue wall of a glacier, I am thinking of how many days I will be able to practice the discipline of self induced bliss. Perhaps that very first day of snow, I will snuggle with my kitty, wrap myself in quilts, sip hot chocolate, and simply feel happiness.

May you find the secret to true bliss ~ Tasarwen

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Isilya ~ Monday

Humorously, I find myself still itchy to get out and about these days. Just last week, I arose and thought to myself, today, I am ready for a drive-about. Normally, I use foot power (or bike power) and not car power whenever I travel from place to place. However of late, the urge to go greater distances and gaze on the beauty of the countryside, is ever with me. So at breakfast I made the announcement that I was going to a small mountain community near our realm, and did my hubby want to go with me? He did. So after our walk-about, we jumped in my trusty Subaru and away we went.


The day was as clear as crystal and the air a perfect temperature. The sky curved around us like a large sapphire blue dome and the mountains appeared close enough to touch. Meandering though mountains covered with the lush, dark green of tall spruce and fir trees and winding our way down through valleys ribboned with golden wheat fields that had been harvested made for a perfect day. Interspersed like precious gems set in gold were flecks of bright blue announcing the presence of several small lakes.

Upon reaching our destination, we looked for a small restaurant for lunch and found a delightful place. After which we sat out on the sidewalk at a café table and watched a high school homecoming parade. It was fun to watch the local folk (young and old) having such a good time and the weather could not have been better. After strolling though all of the antique and tourist shops up and down the main street, we drove home.

A day of being outside of my common surroundings and outside of my thoughts, produced a surprising result of relaxation. All worries were brushed aside and forgotten. I was enchanted and so taken with the change, that I simply forgot everything that had to do with my everyday life. The day was truly a breath of fresh air and it struck me how something so very simple could be so rejuvenating.

Soon after our return, we began to plan for another day of exploring. We decided to stay within a fifty mile radius of our abode, thus making traveling short and easy. Just over a range of mountains to our east is another small town with much history. Within the lovely month of September, we are planning another drive-about.

I do believe that my temporary wanderlust is motivated by thoughts rolling around in the back of my mind about the long winter months ahead. At least half the year is always taken up with staying close to home. One never knows if they will be able to travel on any given day. Winter storms pounce upon us swiftly and with surprise, at times. Literally half of our year is taken up with making temporary travel plans and often we remain tethered to our homes. Freedom of movement is stolen from us.

As fall favors us with crystal days and crisp evenings, we are taking full advantage of this precious time given to us. Therefore it is with great happiness that I luxuriate in each day of exploring and enjoying the world so close to my abode. Such simple pleasures do nothing but add to the enchantment of my life. It is truly a time of appreciating each day as it is given to me and not taking the time to consider what is to come.

May you experience the delight of looking and finding simple pleasures nearby
~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

As I arose before daybreak, early this morning, a quiet peace came over me. Just as the first blush of dawn burst upon my world, a gentle tapping of rain drops fell upon my window panes. It had the sound of small hands thumping with rhythm and steadiness. With the coming of dawn, the rain drops glowed and sparkled like pink diamonds, coating the glass of my windows. There is a calmness and tranquility that comes with rain. Moisture that falls from the heavens is nourishing and welcome in my land of mountains and dryness. Earth, trees, flowers, and humans soak it up and relish in its gift of life.

Often I have wondered how I would behave if I knew time was short and before long I would be whisked away to a land that is beautiful beyond belief.

Would my longings for a home of my own be squelched?
Would my restless attitude be soothed?
Would I put off until tomorrow something that I needed to do today?
Or would I dive in head first and live each day with great gusto?

As I look down my mundane path where every day seems the same, at times I feel despair. However, if rays of something glorious were shining from behind the very next hill, I sense that my entire outlook would change. That dreary path would still be spreading itself out from my feet, disappearing into the distance. But beyond that, those rays of something wonderful would be fanning up in the distance. That glory would be something not entirely seen but hoped for, none the less.

My life is not my own. I constantly seek God’s guidance and direction. At times, my thoughts are noisy and chatter away in all directions, so it is very difficult to hear the still voice of the Lord. However, I have learned to trust my discernments and if I feel jittery about a decision, I take pause and wonder if I am truly going in the right direction. Recently I have looked down the path and decided that perhaps my travels to another realm should be postponed for another season.

I do not see very clearly from ground level. Only from above, can someone truly see the lay of the land. But with the glow of promises ahead, sending up glittering beams above the horizon, I can step forward onto that path of same-ness and proceed ahead. I dare not stare at my feet, nor turn around and study the footprints behind me. Instead, I lift my head and gaze at that glow on the horizon, setting my mind on peaceful things and the very best of loveliness.

May you lift your face to the future, stumbling not with the present or past,
and press on
~ Tasarwen

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Valanya ~ Friday

Just as a sharp knife cuts through a warm loaf of fresh bread, so a cold front quickly passed through my realm of high mountain peaks and forests of fir trees. The late warm summer days have given way to days of coolness. Great veils of snow clouds are hanging over the high country, attached to light gray skies. Their tendrils of white are drifting along, dragging over the terrain and announcing the end of languid summer days. It has become a time of coziness and change.

At this time of the year I often have the urge to pack up a leather satchel, strap an umbrella to the top, grab a plaid scarf, and travel. Fall always brings a particular type of energy to my realm. Nature brings out her very best garb and presents us with that last final flush of color. In my realm the flush happens very quickly; one blink and it is gone. But it is a wonderful time of the year. I am beginning to notice golden leaves and large red rose hips.

Therefore, at this glorious time of the year, I truly am going to travel. Next week, I will fly from the land of my birth to the land of my great grandparents’ birth. Far from the high mountain crags where eagles soar, I will fly to a land of mountains so misty that they are called smoky . . . the Smoky Mountains or the Blue Ridge mountains of Tennessee. I am planning a scouting mission and will spend a week, quietly immersing myself into the local culture, walking around antique shops, sitting in parks, and visiting with some of the local people.

My hubby and I have often talked about a temperate place where we can retire and enjoy a life that is lived more out of doors. We long to walk in the woods, ride our bikes along gentle trails, and enjoy soft warm evenings. We also long for friendly neighbors and gardens full of flowers and vegetables. Just as age seems to bring a softness to one’s life, we dream of less drama and a slower pace. I love the singsong accent of southern folk and their polite ways.

I am planning to take my laptop with me (Phoebe). Along with my observations, I am intrigued to see if my impressions will color and enrich my imaginations. What will this new (to me) land bring in the way of enchantment and enjoyment? I am most eager to find out and a sense of adventure is tickling my thoughts. So away I will fly, along with my leather satchel, Phoebe, and one umbrella.

May you always keep a sense of adventure close to your heart ~ Tasarwen

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