Menelya ~ Wednesday

fall color

I am holding my breath. Seemingly endless moisture laden days and cool nights have produced enchanting fall weather. There is no snow in sight and I long for these days to go on forever.

Clouds that appear as fluffy tendrils are weaving silken fingers in and out of mountain valleys, adding mystery to my surroundings. To be so late in the fall season and not have snow certainly is a mystery. The trees are enjoying the leisure as well. Slowly, they are dropping their clothes down around their ankles. All colors of leaves are fluttering and floating down. There is a peace about the place.

A quietness has saturated the time of letting go. All manner of flora is dressed in their finest attire, however there is a wisdom in nature that dictates that now is the time to release that which is so beautiful. Letting go of something so lovely must be difficult. Often, I muse as to why it is so difficult to let go of something unappealing. Those things should be released with great enthusiasm. We, of the human variety, seem to hang onto unpleasant thoughts all too eagerly. I admit, it does take some practice to think only on that which is beautiful, but a life with those characteristics perfected is a life with great magnetism.

Often, I go step by step and place that which is less than lovely behind me. The goal out there ahead of me is one of a beautiful life and way of being, no matter what the circumstances may be at the time. Circumstances come and go in all variety of happenstance but the most significant determinate is how I respond, not what is going on around me.

So, it is toward happy thoughts for a new day that I turn my mind in the early morning hours. This is what I do just before I drop a knee to the Lord in prayer. Mysteriously, a heart of gratitude is created and I smile my way into the new day.

May you see with your heart that you always have a choice ~ Tasarwen

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Isilya ~ Monday

fall rain

There is something lovely about rain, especially when there have been several weeks without it. It is the true showering of blessings, sent down from the resources of Heaven. The soft, gentle patter of rain drops tapping against my window while I am safely cocooned under my quilts, is comforting. I am constantly amused by watching those drops slowly run down the glass and disappear. It is a magical moment.

Of late, our days have been gray with thick fog in the mornings and rain showers in the afternoon. While others may love endless days of bright sunshine, I prefer these soft gray days of moisture. They give one pause and provide moments of rest.

Being that I am a creature of open skies, no matter their color, I am outside at every opportunity. Rarely do I miss my walk-abouts, rain or shine. Confronting the elements never fails to empower me with the feeling that I can go anywhere, at anytime.

At a high rate of speed, we are moving closer to winter. The very fist frost of the fall season fell upon us a mere two days ago. Leaves and flower tips have been burned by it. All is quiet, giving out the sense of impending doom....or should I say, change. Mountain tops have become shrouded with snow and the green color of summer is giving way to the vibrant golds and scarlets of fall.

Throughout my mountain town the colors of every variety of flora are transforming. Before long, their raiment will drop to their feet, piling up, and then blowing away. 'Tis the season of allowing leaves and issues to fall away, never to hang on too tightly.

Grace allows me to let go of many things. Grace is that little gift from God that makes it possible to forgive and to forget....as far as the east is from the west. It is also the gentle allowing of change, whatever it may be. From the softly falling rain to the gentle downward drifting of leaves, examples of God's grace encircle and embrace me.

May grace abound in your life ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

lone leaf

If one looks closely, just the beginnings of colorful raiment is seen on most of the flora which inhabit our mountain valley. Deep within the green of trees there hangs a brilliant scarlet leaf or two. Shrubs are changing overnight from green to rust and then to brilliant red. Mountain ash are becoming clothed in rich gold and aspen trees have a tinge of golden yellow.

To be that one scarlet leaf among a "sea" of summer green creates a lovely vision. That one leaf is beautiful, made even more beguiling by the contrast surrounding it. But, it is different and unique. It is not like the others and is alone in its uniqueness. To be different, is to be alone. However, the others will change, also, and they too, will become clothed in striking attire. The scarlet leaf who is ahead of the others will quietly fall to the ground and the others will soon follow. To be different, is often times to be a leader.

Since I am not a winter person, I have mixed feelings about the change that is going on this time of the year. The colorful clothing of various types of flora enchant me, but with it comes the impending dread of those dark, cold days of winter. Perhaps this is what brings on feelings of escaping into hibernation.

For some strange reason, there is a lure to nest in for an entire day, buried under my quilts. But I never give in to these thoughts of fancy, although the first day of heavy snow usually brings with it a special day of a never empty teapot and the endless reading of Jane Austen. Certainly, it is a day to look forward to and one that stops the foreboding feelings of impending winter. There is something most pleasant in connecting something delightful to something dreadful.

Today, my musings are allowed to drift along a path where few travel. For there are few who delight in watching each sunrise, clothed in various colors, and each leaf as it adorns itself in raiment so different from those surrounding it.

May you celebrate your uniqueness ~ Tasarwen

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