Anarya ~ Sunday

The morning hour has gold in its mouth.
~ Benjamin Franklin


Most mornings I arise long before sunrise. Quietly padding down to the kitchen, I pour myself a steaming cup of coffee, wrap my hands around the cup, and closing my eyes, I drift into dreaming about the new day. For the thought of a day yet before me and wrapped up in promises, brings an early morning smile to my face. Furthermore, this day can be anything that I make of it. I can grump about circumstances which are beyond my control or look for those hidden treasures of bliss. The treasure hunt for those hidden silver linings can be adventurous, to be sure. Many times they are deeply placed and it takes not a faint heart to find them. But one thing I have learned in all my long years on this planet; they are always there.

The hunt is the adventure I enjoy the most. Looking around every corner, brings a sense of excitement to my life. For a seeker, I most certainly am. To find a small light in the most dreary and dark of places, brings such pleasure to my life. Sharing that light, brings the most profound happiness. I love the words, did you see that? Or....can you believe that? Sharing in delight is such an adventure.

Some of the most exciting and pleasurable times for me are when I am able to explore a new place. I love to tromp about new towns and villages. Being on foot enables me to get a sensuous feel for a place. It is uncanny, to say the least. I seem to have the ability to be able to “sniff out” a location and therefore be able to tell if there is evil lurking around, or good will. It has been fightingly amazing how accurate my discoveries have been. So you could say that I am a “tromper”.

There is one downside to being a tromper. We are of the variety who love to be outside and taking in all sorts of visual stimulation. I seem to get very “itchy” when I can not be out and about. Restlessness is ever with me. It behaves like a creature who is never placated and often times it is disguised in such a way that I have not a clue what it is that is bothering me. On the other hand, there are times when I can be very still and quiet. These are the times when I am gathering thoughts about me and musing intensely. Those thoughts surround me, creating a cloak of gauze and euphoric delight.

Therefore, mornings are an invitation to me. The dawn is usually wrapped up in ribbons of different colors, rich in their saturation, and varied beyond belief. It is a beautiful promise to begin a new day, with all of its surprises and variety.

May you wrap yourself up in the richness of a new day ~ Tasarwen

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Menelya ~ Wednesday

The first snow of our winter season found me in the most unlikely of places. As I watched snow flakes fall, early one morning, I was sitting in a hospital cafeteria, waiting for my hubby while he was undergoing surgery. They fell very slowly, drifting at a slant, and obscuring any view much beyond the large glass windows. I was mesmerized and very relaxed. It was a hypnotic experience and one best enjoyed from one’s own abode and not a hospital (or so I thought at the time). However, it was such an enjoyable time of solitude and peacefulness, my worried mind found rest. It struck me what a gift this first snowfall was. Originally, I always mused that the first snowfall should be appreciated in a way so as to make it a celebration of purity and beauty, to be enjoyed while tucked into my own private world. What I learned was that the sheer beauty of it transformed a time of tension to one of loveliness and peace.

Often times, I have preconceived ideas about how my life should be. Those ideas are tidily wrapped up in a package of order and serenity. Beautiful things must happen at beautiful times. Then when the bad things happen, there are happy thoughts to lean upon. However, what a profound surprise to discover that when something beautiful happens at a time that is not so wonderful, it is enhanced in a way that is truly surprising. That time or thing of beauty is brought into greater focus and becomes even more beautiful. The appreciation of it becomes so enjoyable that it is surreal. Once again, I am enchanted by the surprise and mystery of an untimely occurrence happening at a most timely moment.

The result of this first snowfall was being completely snowed in soon afterwards. Soon after returning to my mother’s small abode, the heavens opened and our world became solid white. I shoveled and shoveled, piling snow up and over the top of my head. It became a game to see how high I could throw it. The exercise felt very good and working in a world of white submerged me into a trance-like state. I enjoyed my time of moving snow, creating smooth banks, and seeing ground appear. Onward and downward, I labored. Finally, with great surprise, I looked up and found the entire driveway cleared off.

By living in the moment and being surprised by the simplest of pleasures, once again, I have lived life to the fullest. It took not the possession of material things but merely the recognition of occurrences around me that brought true joy. So with each flake of pure white that fell during a time of tension, my mind was transformed into peacefulness. Along with each large shovel full of snow that I pitched over my head, negative comments were thrown away.

May you recognize the gifts and thank the Giver ~ Tasarwen

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Isilya ~ Monday


On the maple trees
The scarlet leaves hang shining in the breeze;
And the brown stubble fields are crisp and sere,
Touched by the hoarfrost of the waning year.
~ Streams in the Desert

Vaulted ceilings of elms, heavily gilded with gold, sumacs clothed in scarlet, maples showing off with rich multi-colors of reds, oranges, and yellows, set against a blue sky the color of sapphires; these are the gifts given to those of us who live in places of high mountain realms. This lush blast of color takes us into such a long season of monotones and darkness, that we hungrily store up all we can. For very soon, The Change is coming. Within a few days, the first real wave of winter will move across my realm carrying with it wind and snow.

Typically, this time of the year, winter laughingly tickles us then withdraws for a couple of weeks. Afterwards, we enjoy what is called “Indian summer”. I truly relish in the beauty of this brief hush, knowing that a very long season of same-ness will descend upon me and there will be hardly a day above freezing for many months. Mother nature loves to tease us with quiet, warm days that seem to go on forever. But, in the midst of my revere, change comes and comes quickly.

Every year along with the falling of leaves, as the trees shed their raiment, de-robing without a moment’s hesitation, I consider the benefits of forgiving and putting the past behind me. As I watch each leaf giving way to gravity’s persuasion, slowly drifting from side to side, I am reminded of negative thoughts better left behind. This is something I remember to do every year. It seems that my thoughts outnumber the leaves to a large degree, but it is a good practice and makes my mental load much lighter.

I admit that there are some incidents that are very painful and the thoughts of them are difficult to shed. Giving them thought brings so much pain that I cringe and hurt. But just as the seasons move forward with great ease, my life moves along. Happiness is restored when the burdens of these hurts are dropped at God’s feet. He certainly is big enough to carry them for me. I smile and shake my head when I realize that the heaviest and hardest of these burdens are the most difficult to drop. This should not be! But, alas, it is.

There are many projects and ideas on my “drawing board”. I am a dreamer and I am always plowing the fertile soil of my mind. Just pondering what lies ahead lifts my spirits. Simply walking away from those negative thoughts that are lying at my feet, just as the leaves cover the ground at the roots of the trees, becomes much easier. And so I lift my head and keep a small smile on my face, so others will wonder what my secret is. My secret is shared with my old friends, the trees. Letting go of their garments of summer inspires me to let go and forgive.

May you shed the weight of your cares and let forgiveness lighten your load.
~ Tasarwen

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