Elenya ~ Saturday

For the past several days, I have had to co-exist with a cold that has kept me close to my abode; namely, my bed. Since I have not been struck with this particular kind of illness for several years, it took me a couple of days to get used to the idea. Finally, in desperation, I threw mental hands up in the air and succumbed. For three days, winds blew with great force outside, from the east. Temperatures remained unseasonably high and those of us who had nothing better to do than watch brown leaves being blown across our limited range of vision, knew that finally winter was being announced. Sure enough, just two days ago, we woke up to a covering of snow.....and stillness.

Now, in dawn’s early light, there is a multi-colored reflection announcing the beginning of a new day. While I continually grump about tip-toeing over ice for months on end, I am always thankful for the reflection of light that snow provides. Winter would be dark indeed, if not for the sparkle of snow. I do believe it is our little reprieve and gift for enduring the long months of dark and cold.

Once again, I am aware of a death-like element that seems to accompany winter. No birds are heard, no color is seen, and there is the ever present sting of cold air upon my cheeks as I walk outside. However, I have come to realize that this time of the year is merely a time of sleeping and recuperating after the glorious months of very fast growth. Methinks it is a time of rest much like my own time of resting. Or, I must admit, forced time of rest brought upon me from my illness. Again, I realized that this is the way of things.

So, with a sigh and a realization, I have come to understand that the short days of darkness are not really so bad. There is a purpose to them and it always encourages me to live in the moment. Simply enduring does not provide happiness. But I am beginning to understand more fully how the “things” of our lives are balanced. There must be valleys along with the hilltops. It produces the melody of our lives. How boring it would become if we lived only on the hilltop and did not have the contrast provided by the downward slope of the valleys.

November has always been a month of thanksgiving for me. Here in the USA, we actually do celebrate Thanksgiving near the end of the month of November. It is a holiday of tradition filled with good food and giving thanks for all of the goodness in our lives. However, I must say that giving thanks for the apparent scary circumstances that seem to surround us is important also. No matter how unsettling the events of our lives appear, we only have “today”. Yesterday is dead and gone, and tomorrow is beyond our worries.

May you be thankful...for all things ~ Tasarwen

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Isilya ~ Monday

Streams of mist are flowing past my windows, on their way to float softly to moist earth. For this is a day in late fall when all leaves are lying on the ground and the landscape is hidden within cloaks of brown and gray. Merely a slight drop in temperature and these lovely mists will be transformed into white. The living things of the forest and fields are slowly drifting into sleep, all the while having given up their abundance of life to the ground below. Their raiment will decay and become the substance of life for years to come. Thus the circle of life continues forward just as we who share this world are compelled to do, also.

In my younger years, when I was knee-high to the navel of a mole, I would wander into various pet stores and be drawn very quickly to cages where birds resided. I loved to see their various colors and was greatly entertained by their quick and humorous movements. They exhibited such joy and happiness, freely given with lightheartedness.

Of late, I have once again become enamored with these small creatures. For such a tiny being, they show so much happiness and cheer. They wonder not at how important they are or what may come their way. Their brightness and joy magnifies them into creatures of great significance and wisdom. I am drawn to their chipper attitudes and am humbled that such a small being possesses such a large wealth of profoundness. No matter what goes on around them, they remain in a constant state of alertness and cheer.

My curious hubby, who a person of quick mind and many interests, has become just as enamored with these small creatures. Together, we have surfed the Wild and Woolly Web, looking for information about Zebra finches, Society finches, and Cut Throat finches. Lo and behold, we have stumbled across a finch that has charmed us beyond reason and stolen our hearts. The name of this particular lovely little jewel, is a Lady Gouldian finch. They are beautiful, to say the least and were name by an ornithologist (John Gould) for his wife. They are indigenous to Australia and are endangered so breeders worldwide have a great responsibility to carefully prolong their existence.

It has been most enjoyable to learn more about these wonderful little finches and also to look forward to the day when, perhaps, we will have the privilege of sharing our abode with a pair of them. From what we have learned, they are very social and enjoy the company of others of their own kind so it is always recommended that a person should house more than one. It is a special time in our lives to be learning and looking forward to having Lady Gouldian finches live with us. After all, the excitement and anticipation is what makes life so much fun.

May you have something lovely to look forward to ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

After a lovely fortnight of Indian summer, the golden days of October warmth have died into November and the trees have shed their garments of brilliant color. Today is a day of mists. The mountains surrounding my lofty realm are hidden, along with their secrets.

It is appropriate that this is the month of mists for the name of November is Hísimë meaning, “of mists” or “misty”. It is a time of transition from warm, sunny days to days that are dark and gray. When the snow comes, in just a short time, a time of reflection happens. Snow reflects light and gives off either a bluish or blush glow, depending on the time of the day. For my part, winter becomes a time of reflection and contemplation. I would love to say that I luxuriate in the time of cocooning and snuggling, but often I can not. At times, I feel trapped indoors, if the temperatures are very cold and the ground is covered with ice.

I muse over the change of seasons often and come to the very same conclusion...the seasons do change and pass us by, year after year. I am reminded to look for the very best in what is beautiful about each season as it slides by. Otherwise, I would miss something of importance and magnificence. I truly think this is the way of life. Blink and the moment is gone. Negative thoughts are as blinders, hindering me from seeing something of great beauty right at the periphery of my vision. Positive thoughts appear to open up my vision and bring everything into focus, allowing me to relish the moment and enjoy with great delight.

With such musings, I am enjoying the sound of rain pattering against my window panes. Tis the rain of the season; a rain that will turn to snow before midnight. I love the sound of it for its consistency reminds me of the continuum of life and how it marches on, whether we like the circumstances or not. From deep within me, I sense a feeling of happiness knowing that joy is available no matter what time of the year it is, be it a time of mist and rain in my life or warm sunlight and blue skies.

In saying all of this, I will admit that I grump when I am cold. Of late, I realize that perhaps I am a tropical creature after all and not one of snowflakes and fir trees. Truly, I feel the lure to travel to a place where the climate is a bit less extreme and where I can feel a warm breeze weave its way though my tresses. These thoughts and dreams are something to look forward to in the days ahead, and they always bring a smile to my face. I simply can not grump when a smile is in the vicinity. I have tried...and failed.

May smiles find you, in spite of it all ~ Tasarwen

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