Anarya ~ Sunday

Of late, my Subaru’s tires have hit the road and together, we have traveled far afield. Down from my mountain habitat, I have driven, and into another realm of beautiful lushness alive with the rich colors of spring. It never ceases to amaze me what a huge difference altitude makes. Nearly 1800 feet lower one finds spring on the wain, with summer watching on the sidelines. How marvelous is the succession of the seasons. One day, I am wearing jeans and boots, while the very next, I am garbed in shorts and sandals.

crab apple tree

As I moved along on my walk-about early this morning, I was blessed with sun stroking my winter-pale skin. I rejoiced. How wonderful it is to actually be warm again and enjoy a deep, blue sky framed with flowering trees. Crab apple trees are lovely this time of the year. They produce their fluffy pink and white blossoms, demanding attention from all passers by. In spring, they are thickly frocked with blooms, in summer they are adorned in deep green, and in fall they produce small fruit. However, it is not a good idea to plant a crab apple tree near a sidewalk. Unfortunately, the fruit gets quite messy and with the passage of many feet, applesauce is produced on the walkway. It is far better to plant one of these beautiful trees in a yard where the lawn mower ingests them.

How can a being that is so beautiful in the spring, be such a mess in the fall? Perhaps it is the humor of nature that presents us with such contrasts. The pendulum swings from one side to the other, keeping all of us guessing and we never get used to “sameness”. Methinks, it is the same with all of us. Just as night devolves into day and winter gives way to spring, change is ever with us. Truly, I would be thoroughly bored without the rhythm of life, ever moving, undulating and pulsing with energy.

There are times when I feel more comfortable staying within my quiet nature, not changing. Suddenly, along comes a situation when I feel drawn to step out of my quietness in order to reach out to someone in need. My heart longs to comfort them and give them encouragement. Recently, I wrote a long letter to a friend who desired to have a quality of beauty that she thought she saw in others. I sensed that she was very sensitive about what she perceived she lacked. I say “perceived” because she already had great beauty and needed none added. It was difficult to write such a letter because I felt I was imposing but she seemed so sad and I felt compassion. I proceeded to write to her very kindly. I was ignored. I feared that I offended her and later heard that she ignored me on purpose, “impolitely”. I lamented. Much later, a quiet voice whispered into my ear, it is never wrong to do good. Reaching out takes some degree of courage, but I am glad that I bravely traveled where I typically fear to tread.

Summer will bring with it a plethora of activity. My Subaru and I will be constant companions. Often, we will be traveling together down mountain roads, through valleys, and across open grasslands. There may not be as much time for written musings such as these but I promise to share my adventures as I am able.

May you travel the road, taking the risk to do good ~ Tasarwen

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Elenya ~ Saturday

Lightly, very lightly did I tread down a forest path a few days ago. For a chorus, bright and clear was ringing through the tree limbs. I do believe that every bird in the region was gathered together, singing with excitement, all the while announcing the new season. It was truly beautiful and I was tempted to linger. High up amongst tree limbs that were still naked to the world, birds of every color and size were making a “joyful noise”. When I carefully looked high up into that canopy of song, I noticed that a bright green haze is just starting to make itself known. Like a green mist, a subtle change is slowly creeping into my realm.

However, just a day or two after that, large snow flakes started drifting down in front of my window. Down they floated, looking like large feathers, moving slowly from side to side and my attention was momentarily diverted. Oh dear, I thought, more snow. When will it ever end? However, this snowfall was short and soon all evidence of it quickly disappeared.

I love looking forward to those warm, soft days of late spring and summer. Suddenly, it struck me that it is the “looking forward” part that seems to bring happiness. There is always a promise out there, just waiting to happen. Perhaps it is that unknown future that sparks the imagination, playing with my mind, and luring me into some sort of dreamy state. Most of the time the actual “present” isn’t half the fun as the anticipation of things yet to come and strangely enough, the anticipation of an event can bring much more excitement than the actual event, itself.

As I look forward to warmer weather and more time spent out of doors, I also am aware that those warmer temperatures can be rather uncomfortable. We live without any type of air conditioning and it can get very hot during the month of July, and sometimes August. Because of our altitude, the nights cool off several degrees, so running a fan helps. But, lo and behold, many times during those hot days, I find my mind wandering off, thinking about the days of watching snowfalls and feeling the coolness of that season. ‘Tis pitiful, to say the least.

Humorously, I realize that I am forever looking over the horizon and when the sun falls, being chased by the moon, I drift into my dreams with a smile.

May you love the anticipation more than the “event” ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

spring bulbs

It’s May, it’s May, the lovely month of May! With the turn of a hat, spring has pronounced itself the dominant season. At long last, winter is turning its cold back on us and is slowly retreating. Green grass is spreading itself out as far as the eye can see. Trees and bushes are on the cusp of breaking into leaf and blossom. Best of all, the air has taken on the richness of the season and has lost the thin harshness of stinging cold. Life is bursting forth again, and birdsong is in the air, even at 4 o’clock in the morning. With all the new activity, one can not sleep, in any case!

Hope is once again to be seen in the natural world. My heart is lifted by it all and happily, I am looking forward to a new life, for next year my hubby retires from over forty years of working very hard. He is so earnestly looking forward to it, that he is becoming more impatient by the day. He has done a magnificent job in turning the small hospital around that he is currently leading. Everything from recruiting a new doctor, to educating the board of directors, along with achieving financial support from the little town, has been accomplished. This next year will be spent making sure that the institution will continue on in fine shape long after he says goodbye.

However, how does one prepare for such a big change in life? I have not a clue, for my own life will continue on much the same. Keepers of hearth and home do not retire. They maintain the same nourishing care and love that goes into keeping a family in balance. Those keepers of the home are never without a task to be done and are never plagued with inactivity. They are also shunned by the world, a world that would never move along so smoothly without them. For who can exist without a home or sense of place? Methinks, very few.

The keeper of home must be self-less and giving, instead of ego dominated. In my own experience, the ones who give are truly the most happy and content. The ones who take are rarely satisfied and are constantly seeking for something else to sate their hunger....a hunger that never ends. The ego is forever unsatisfied and is always hungry.

Humorously, I do stumble over my own ego occasionally. It is always there, peeking out at me, just waiting for a weak moment in order to pounce. Often, I laugh and my funny bone gets the best of me. Perhaps, it is that ego that drives all of us to achieve. The quest for excellence is ever with me but Mr. Ego must be harnessed and put to productive use. If controlled , it can be rather helpful and will produce a power that helps me to gain new heights in whatever I am doing. But it must be reined in tightly and not allowed to have its own way. It is all about God’s way not my ego’s way. I truly believe that is the secret to great happiness and contentment.

Along with a new season and (next year) a big change in our lives, comes a new abode. For we are planning to leave our lofty mountain realm and move to a new place in the mountains that does not exist so high amongst the clouds. The climate is a bit gentler and softer. It is a place where I have wanted to live since childhood. The thrill of excitement is beginning to come over me because shopping for a new house is one of my favorite activities. Creating a new life in a new place is full of fun and excitement and one I am most assuredly looking forward to with great glee.

May you look forward to greater accomplishments
than you ever thought possible
~ Tasarwen

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