Isilya ~ Monday

There is a place where I go when life is too much to bear and the things of this world are heavy with sadness. It is a secret garden and often my mind drifts there; floating freely under a rose-covered trellis and out onto a soft, grassy path. Surrounded by multicolors and inundated by sweet fragrances of many flowers, I sigh and take a deep breath. There, surrounded by loveliness and light, is a marble bench. Many times I see the Lord sitting upon that bench and as I humbly approach Him, He smiles and beckons me closer. I always drop a knee and gaze upon His face. It is the face of love, shining brightly and happily. He is very patient and caring and listens to my words attentively. He always has time for me and many times He has words of advice, whispered in a quiet and soft voice to my heart. I love these times of stillness and peace.

Last night I witnessed a beautiful sight. A full moon was reaching upward toward the stars in all its glory. A thin veil of silver cloud lay horizontally across the top of its arc and filtered that part of its shining light. It was a sight for sighs. I stood in amazement and awe, entrapped by a jewel in the heavens. As I shook myself out of my reverie, I realized that I did not have to escape to my secret garden. Right before my eyes stood the majesty of the night.


Today is a sad day for me. I am sending my gold pedal harp off to have some work done. It is most frightening to live with an open hand, allowing those things I love to be driven away in a freight truck and out of my sight and control. Rosemary is scheduled to make a trip to Italy for repairs and will not be back for several months. I have been in a state of shock for weeks, knowing that this was going to happen. For the past couple of days, my hubby and I have been living with a box (and all of its packing material) the size of the Empire State building. Last night we began the careful job of packing Rosemary for her trip abroad. This morning we will finish and later this afternoon, I will say goodbye. I have tears just thinking about it. However, life must go on. Tomorrow is not mine to think about therefore I have only today to do the very best with.

May you see the rainbow through your tears ~ Tasarwen

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Valanya ~ Friday

At long last, I am able to resume my daily walk-abouts outside. During our long winters, I walk in our local mall, along with many senior citizens. They are a lovely bunch and I enjoy watching all of those beautiful white and silver heads bobbing along. We wave to each other and some of us take time to visit briefly. I enjoy this early morning exercise time very much. However, it is with great relief that I am able to, once again, enjoy fresh air and look at the many interesting sights around me.

Just this morning, while walking past a duck pond located on our local college campus, my eye caught a most humourous sight. Many ducks were walking around, pecking at some seed that was thrown out by students. In the midst of these water birds, walked a pigeon. If you have watched ducks, you will have noticed that they walk around wagging their tail feathers. It is a funny sight. In the air, they are the height of grace, but on the ground they appear a bit awkward. Believe it or not, the lone pigeon was walking and wagging just as the ducks. The scene snagged my eye, that’s for certain. Was this particular pigeon trying to blend in so he could have dinner? He was having some degree of success because the ducks continued their feasting right around him and barely seemed to notice.

There are times when it is necessary to be a chamaeleon and pretend to be something I normally am not. However, if I pretend long enough, I become proficient at it and can carry it off quite well. The usual traits such as courage or patience come to my mind. For a while, this trait is mulled over in my mind and if I think about it long enough, I usually begin to smoothly integrate it into my own life. If a character trait comes into my world that is less than stellar, I turn my back on it. I am constantly amazed at the power of the mind. What a wonderful experience it is to observe the world around us and be constantly filtering information. Blissful it is to be able to appreciate and assimilate the best and dump the worst. However, it does take a bit of practice.

I have often heard the words that we are what we think. Perhaps that is true. To learn the skill of discernment and then be able to do good is a blessing. I have not yet become proficient at this skill but I am observing and learning. Being particular about my surroundings and whom I spend time with makes a big difference. There seems to be no need to be anywhere except in the presence of beauty and loveliness.

May you see beauty and become beautiful ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

Scarcely, the past several days have I thought about my writings. The flu bug attacked with a vengeance and mowed over me, leaving in his wake a worn out decimated shell of a person. This aggressive creature came out of nowhere and pounced with a surprise that General Patton would have been proud of. I merely breathed and existed until he passed on. But I do believe it did me great good to get stopped dead (it felt like death) in my tracks. Not that I had the ability to think logically or in a straight line. The sun came up and went down, slowly moving across the sky as lazy as the waters of the Mississippi.

Here I sit, having recovered to some degree, as the first blush of dawn colors my world and the lovely melody of an early bird is stirring my senses. It is a truly beautiful Sunday morning and spring has finally placed her gentle hand upon my realm. All the fierceness and power of winter never fails to be overcome by that sweet and docile touch of the season of newness.

As my coffee pot was happily producing my morning beverage, I stood for several minutes on our front porch. It was so satisfying to drink in large gulps of crisp mountain air and listen to the silence. There is such peace and tranquility in the early mornings. It is always beyond me why others do not appreciate it as much as I do. But for many, life is lived after the darkening of evenings and that is the time of fading for me.

Before too many days will pass, I will begin the ritual of dragging all my many shapes and colors of planters out from the garage, placing them in bunches all around the front porch. Then starts the fun of finding small plants of different colors and fragrances to nurture. The seasons of color and delight are very short and often I think, why bother? However, it never fails that excitement is all around me and I simply can not resist the temptation of digging in the dirt. Yes, I love to dig. Give me a shovel and I am happy for hours.

Perhaps it is my tenacious tendency to dig that drives me to learn more about cascading style sheets and web design. It is a fascinating world, to say the least. At long last, I am beginning to see the light and have designed two pages on my website using only xhtml for structure and css for styling. Seeing everything come together was a very happy moment for me. I plan to slowly change every one of my pages, in the near future. The code is much simpler and the pages load much faster. However, all of this has to be done during the time allowed by me living life and not by me wrapping my life around sitting in front of a computer. With all the days of flower tending and bike riding ahead, how can I sit in the dark, unblinking, in front of a computer screen?

If a new season is upon you, may you enjoy its change and uniqueness ~ Tasarwen

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