Valanya ~ Friday

Just a few short days ago there occurred an event that is usually very rare in my high mountain realm. A warm misty rain fell softly and a sigh was heard from every living thing. After quickly placing all of my orchids outside to enjoy the moisture bath, I slipped on a light jacket and sped out of the door. With my face lifted toward the sky, I felt wonderfully alive. With deft fingers, I unbraided my hair and literally let it “all hang out”. Normally, I am a person who likes to remain quiet and unnoticed. However, because I carry near-knee length tresses, my walk-about created quite a stir. Cars slowed down and did u-turns. People’s heads swivelled. Oh dear! But I must admit, I was in such a state of glee, I barely noticed.

There are days when one must throw off the shackles and enjoy. Such is the way of a serendipitous life. If I had stuck to my normal plan and walked without giving my tresses that extra drink of soft rainwater, joy would not have been experienced to the fullest. For rainwater is precious and one of God’s many gifts to us. With a thankful heart, I continued on my walk-about and decided that living “outside of the box” for the moment was well worth the embarrassment.

We are experiencing a most unusual summer. The temperatures have been well below the averages and rain comes along every few days. As I am writing these musings, giant raindrops are beating upon the roof of my abode. It is late afternoon and the air is heavy with the scent of rain. The mountains are still green and lush. Indeed, it appears to look just like Ireland. Usually, we are living through a very hot and dry season. And yet, just two hundred miles to the north and west of us, near 90 degree heat is a daily occurrence and not a trace of green hillsides are seen. I have not a clue how it is that our weather is so temperate but I certainly will relish each day of it.

Silly though it may seem, along with the cooler summer comes thoughts about a winter that may start earlier than normal. Thinking ahead too far does nothing but bring anxiety and uneasiness to my mind. Fret mode sets in and there seems to be no stopping my mind. I play out several scenarios, all of which are bad....of course. Living in the moment flies out of the window and for a while, I’m doomed. Of a sudden, I realize that I must enjoy what is, not what might be.

With a sigh of relief, I realize that there may be another day or two, or three, when I can walk in the rain, enjoying its nourishing goodness. Furthermore, walking in falling snow is a delight also.

May you be blessed by serendipity ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

summer roses

During my early morning walk-abouts, I am constantly impressed how wonderful it is to be out enjoying dawn’s first light. Colors are softer and the air is very crisp. As summer warms, I usually walk earlier than normal in order to avoid the heat of the day. It truly is a lovely time. As I travel through my woods, I have noticed the beauty of my surroundings in ways that are new and refreshing. Beams of sunlight weave their ways through the forest. There is mystery riding on those shafts of early morning sunlight. Birds sing all around me and the fragrance of late blooming wild roses is intoxicating. Eagerly, I plunge my nose (careful of bees) into their hearts and inhale the scent of Heaven.

In this season of rushing around in order to shove twelve months of living into six months, many times anxiety increases and I find myself growing tense. Taking the time to simply stop and smell the roses never fails to bring relaxation and satisfaction. There is a park near where I live and there dwell shrub roses. While passing by, I never fail to stop and once again, fill my senses with their fragrance. There is something about that smell. I know not one person who does not love it.

Such simple things always brings perspective into my life. There are times when I am going at such a pace that my mind gets left behind and there are times when I can be sitting completely still and my mind purrs along much like a jet engine. Whatever it is that happens, I find myself out of whack and in great need of stability. Whenever I find myself limping along like a three legged creature, I must stop and take in all the beauty around me. Needless to say, there are times when I am so flustered that I do not recognize the need to smooth my spirit.

With sudden realization, the thought comes into my mind that it is time to equilibrate. That is the time to get outside. When thoughts are heavy on my mind, just walking down a sidewalk and looking up into the sky, brings a lifting of my soul. Such a simple thing and so very easy to do, but the busyness of my mind deceives me and the way to simple pleasure is camouflaged. In all my many years on this planet, I have learned that deception is the game of the evil ones. God wants all of us to have a steady mind; one that is sound and unconfused.

Many, many years I have spent in solitary circumstances. But no matter what is going on around me, a clear mind brings peace and happiness. There is a battle going on every waking moment of the day (and sometimes in the early pre-dawn hours of the night). It is the battle for my mind. For I truly believe that the war is waged deep in those places.

However, true joy comes with the clear morning light and the realization that I can be peaceful and content where I am and in whatever circumstances.

May your spirit fly by simply gazing into the sky ~ Tasarwen

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Eärenya ~ Thursday

Several years ago, an acquaintance said that the older a person gets, the more like him/herself they become. Of late, I have discovered that the older I get, the less like anyone else I become. I am “out of style”. What a shock! Day after day, I work and play, living life to the fullest and I have found (with a great surprise) that I am no longer “with it”.

I was in a large building/decorating store this past week, speaking to a nice lady about some shades for our abode. I have always felt that a good interior designer should politely ask a client questions in order to figure out what the client’s likes and dislikes are. That conversation will ultimately bear much fruit because the potential client will very likely purchase more than they had planned when they entered the store. In my experience, when a person is made to feel good about their personal tastes, they will shop more happily.

Although the sales lady/interior decorator was a nice person, I knew I was in trouble when I first spotted her. Not only did she have short spikey red hair but she was also wearing bright chartreuse. I do love red hair. It is one of the loveliest shades of hair colors, but with her coloring, I knew she would not like my preferences for romantic cottage styles and pastel colors. Without a moment’s hesitation, she launched into a dissertation about her preferences. With big eyes, I politely listened. When she ran out of breath, I quietly mentioned my own likes and dislikes as pertaining to color and style. Without hesitation, she gave me reason after reason why my color preferences would not “work”. *sigh* It was tiring, to say the least.

In this world of stainless steel, dark colors, and granite counter tops, there seems to be no space for a person who loves the various shades of white, blush, and green. In fact, there seems to be no room for fluff of any kind. The soft and beautiful world I live in is not accepted. What happened to the loveliness of chintz and silk? They have been run over by a brash and harsh color scheme, driven by people who are driven themselves by what they perceive is “up scale”. What is that? I always thought that if the scale went up while you were standing on it, you were in trouble if you were a bit over weight. Perhaps it means that bigger is better. Who knows.

Needless to say, I spent a couple of days realizing that I am going to have trouble in this post modern world. That is until I picked up one of my romantic decorator magazines. What a relief! The “sigh” factor returned and I was lost in revere. Upon musing about all of this, I stumbled upon the realization that the hunt is on. The anticipation of finding what I’m looking for will be a great adventure. Putting colors and objects together in a pleasing way will bring along a sense of fun and creativity. It definitely will be a challenge and one that I am more than willing to embrace.

Through this entire experience, I have discovered that finding out who you really are takes a lifetime. Finding your own sense of style takes wisdom; the wisdom to ignore what others say you should do and the strength to walk your own path. My goodness, if we all traveled the same path, it would turn into a boring highway!

May you discover your own path and enjoy the stroll~ Tasarwen

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