Eärenya ~ Thursday

....Weeping may last for the night,
But a shout of joy comes in the morning.
~ Psalms 30:5

The icy hands of winter are still curved around us. Much snow and near zero temperatures are on the horizon for the week ahead. As I sit high up in my studio, a vast snowy landscape is stretched out below me. A blanket of undulating white covers the ground and it is dotted with different shapes and colors of houses, and trees. Winter has seemed endless in my realm but there is a slight lessening in winter’s grip these days.


I have traveled afar this past week. Just a few days ago, there was a race to get home ahead of a large winter storm that is creeping toward my valley realm. Along with us traveled a new companion, for out to Oregon we drove to pick up an adorable baby kitten, by the name of Sunbonnet Sue. We call her Bonnie and she is a bonny lass, to be sure. She is a red tabby and white Persian and a better natured creature, there never has been. At this writing, she is five months old.

During the long and dark months of winter, a depression settled over me. The loss of my beloved friend, Eliot, surprised me with all of its intensity. A heavy cloak of sadness cast itself over me. I was taken by surprise. One cold afternoon, I began to look at pictures of kitties on the internet. Surprisingly, my mood lifted. Slowly, at first, I began to make inquiries into those kitties who were available. During this time, I met some of the most delightful people. But time after time, I found out that the kitties of whom I was interested were either already taken or the owner had changed his or her mind and wanted to keep them a little longer. Day after day, I told myself, looking is fun, but I doubt there will be another kitty in my life.

One morning, I was surprised by an email from a very nice lady out in Oregon. She had a special little girl kitty that she wanted to place in a good home. Previously, we had exchanged several pleasant emails and I enjoyed our conversations very much. Just one look at this little kitten convinced me that once again, a loving kitty would be part of our home. Off we drove, to the beautiful state of Oregon. It was a drive of gorgeous scenery and enjoyable weather.

Little Bonnie traveled like a veteran. After exploring the entire car, she chose to sit right between us on the console. It is hard for a little one, but she was interested in all the shadows of trees and bridges that passed overhead. She is very alert and bright. When I brought her into our abode and let her out of her carrier, I could see the look in her eye. Oh boy! Am I going to have fun looking around this place! And she has done that very thing. No one place has gone unexplored.

A miracle has happened. Happiness and joy have made themselves present in our abode, once again. There is nothing quite so humorous as the sound of “thunder paws” running through our home, even if they are very small paws.

May you always have laughter in your life,
even if it comes on small paws
~ Tasarwen

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Menelya ~ Wednesday

As this lovely month dawns, I am reminded how much I adore this time of the year. The white teeth of winter continue to hold me with cold, steely strength. Cold winds blow and snow falls, drifting wildly about, just as feathers would fly from pillows broken and torn.

But there is something new. Quietly and on velvet wings a phenomenon has crept back into my world; more daylight. Slowly and without much fanfare, the sun is rising higher in the sky and the days are just beginning to be longer. There is the whisper of a new season coming. A promise is being made and all of us who abide in these northern climes are holding our breaths. Instead of day after day of merely enduring, I am beginning to see a path open up before me and I feel a deep sigh of hope.


It empowers me to think that I might command the path upon which I walk. Out the door I go, jumping into my day, striding with confidence and steadiness. Then suddenly, my path takes such a sudden turn that it takes my breath away. I am yanked to one side and ahead of me there is much uncertainty. My first reaction is to make the highest and quickest of jumps...off of the trail and into the bushes. From there, I want to run and hide. I feel unbalanced and a bit shaken. Soon, my mind steadies and I realize that I must stay the course and a sense of adventure dangles out in front of me.

It always amuses me to think of that which was such a great surprise actually has an element of mystery. I am enchanted by the thought of just running with it and seeing what will happen, instead of running for my dear life. Instead of bowing to the fear of the unknown, I am carried along by the flow of serendipitous melody. Once again, my orderly and peaceful life has become bouncy and a bit rough. But I must choose between the fear of not having the path go the smooth way, or shall I say “my way”, and the feeling of adventure of not having a clue what is waiting for me around the next bend. It’s risky business, to be sure.

I have a choice. I can walk down a path smoothly controlled with not a mysterious twist or turn. Or I can develop such a character that those surprise twists give me the greatest of mirth. Upon reflection, I realize that there really is not a choice. Life is one continuous change and surprise after another. One can only ask for the grace to accept whatever comes along and smile with a sparkle in the eye; hanging on for dear life and running on the wild side.

May you always have a sparkle in your eye and adventure in your step ~ Tasarwen

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