Eärenya ~ Thursday


Two weeks ago, I was summoned for jury duty. Going to a court house very early in the morning on a cold winter day, is not my favorite thing to do. Consequently, I was not enamored with the idea. However, because “they” threatened me with all kinds of torture and punishment, I acquiesced. In the light of early dawn, I trudged through snow and ice, and arrived at the court house.

Many others were milling around, waiting to see just what terrible thing would happen to all of us. It reminded me of the waiting we do in airports. We were clueless as to what awaited us. Soon a window opened and we all had to stand in line, giving bits and pieces of information to the people standing behind it. This was collected so we could get paid a small amount for our time.

Then we were herded down a small hallway, where we either stood or sat down on a limited number of chairs. After thirty minutes, we were called into the courtroom and told to sit in a certain order, so our names could be compiled onto a seating chart. Bolting for the door would leave an empty seat....with ones name on it. I was slightly amused at all the stringent routine. When the judge walked in, we all had to rise to our feet. It was impressive because our judge was very tall with silver hair and a silver beard. However, in my realm, beards are common place, probably because it keeps men a bit warm and partially because it produces a certain image.

From here on things got very interesting. We were told that to be selected for a jury was one of the highest callings a civilian could have. I was intrigued. The prosecuting attorney asked us many questions to be sure we understood the gravity of the case and so did the defendant. The defendant was representing himself, so he was noticeably less “smooth” than the attorney, who had almost twenty years of experience. As the prosecutor was questioning us, she suddenly asked if there was any among us who would have trouble giving proper judgement after knowing the law and what it had to say about the particular incident for which we were in court. My ears pricked up. Judgement? I faltered. How could I do such a thing? To pass judgement on a fellow human being was just too serious for me to comprehend. To my way of thinking, only the judge himself, could do such a thing. However, it dawned on me very quickly that this is what the jury is called to do. Thankfully, I was not picked for the six person jury. I’m not sure I would have been the best choice but my morning at the court house was interesting, indeed.

There seems to be a new word or two that is slung around every few years. Words like, “cool”, “chill”, and “whatever”. Lately, there is a word of which many love to label others. It is called, “judgmental”. I have observed that if someone does not agree with another person, they label that person as judgmental. Immediately, when I hear or see that word in print, I am reminded of my morning in the local court house. This word is misused to a great degree and it seems to give the person who pronounces it a sense of power over the poor person who expressed some degree of discernment. It is a modern word, wrongly used in every way. I see it used as a weapon, similar to a dagger, painfully stabbing the recipient, leaving behind much hurt. No person can judge another outside a court of law, unless they are God. He is the ultimate Judge. At least, I am never in a position to pass judgement on another. It is not my responsibility. Discernment is a gift and usually goes along with a sensitive spirit. Judgement is final...the end.

May you walk with wisdom ~ Tasarwen

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Elenya ~ Saturday

valentine roses

During this month of romance, my mind drifts through a cobweb of memories and I think about what makes up a romantic life. For my part, it is a life of observing and enjoying the small things. There is no material worth to it, for those things by which I am constantly entertained, are free for the asking. They are the things that no one can take away and everyone can enjoy. I blanket myself in a world of beauty, for the quest of beauty and loveliness is my idea of what is true romance.

Waking to a morning where mist whirls and swirls around, creating a world of the softest blush of early dawn, makes me smile. It is a soft world where all edges disappear and the air is tender with life-giving moisture.

The plunge of a shaft of sunlight through a window, glancing off the prisms of a crystal chandelier, producing multi-colored fireflies that dance around a room,
makes me sigh.

The downward drift of snowflakes, slowly moving side to side as they slip and fall prey to gravity, lifts my heart.

Walking through the raiment of large trees in the fall, hearing the crunch of brittle leaves, gives me joy.

Wrapping my hands around a rose of the richest pink, plunging my nose deep within its petals, and inhaling the fragrance of Heaven, intoxicates me.

Sitting in the silvery glow of moon light, causes my mind to retreat into a land of mystery and fantasy.

Romance is the “sigh” factor. It is a life that is lived appreciating all that is joyful and serene. It is also a life that is ever refreshed with the knowledge that all things change and nothing is stagnant.

Romance is mysterious. With the dawning of a new day, I have a path to walk down; a path that is forever new and inviting. Never do I see beyond the next curve in the trail, but with each step I make into the new day, I am moving forward. Consequently, I am always curious to find out what adventure awaits me, as I step out my door.

Romance is simple and it is free. It is simply freeing! It needs neither a partner to be enjoyed nor a particular place to be appreciated. As the years pass me by, I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to attain because it is always around me. It is a state of mind and an attitude, and never something that can be stolen away from me. It is up to me, whether or not romance is allowed to have free rein in my life.

May you free your mind to soar and be romanced ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

morning light

Very early one morning last week, I slowly awoke opening one squinty eye and then the other. Buried under my quilts, I was being lazy and not very eager to jump into the new day. Once my mind cleared, having been buried in the dreams of another world, I noticed a faint brightening outside my window. Up came my sleepy head and out the window I stared. There, far away on the horizon was a faint glow, not the typical deep darkness of night. Dawn appeared at an earlier hour and it occurred to me that the days are beginning to lengthen. The first heralding of spring had become apparent. Just the thought of more light along with the very first green to be seen for months brought a smile to my face.

With excitement, I padded downstairs to my trusty coffeepot and favorite mug. Sitting, snuggled in my bed, surrounded by a purring kitty and soft quilts, and sipping my hot cup of coffee with a smug grin, I caught the attention of my hubby.

What secret are you harboring this morning?....asked he
Oh, nothing of any great importance. The earth has moved. ....said I
Moved? ....asked he
It has finally tilted. ....said I
With that, he rolled his eyes, remembering what a strange creature he had married almost thirty years ago; a creature of woodland and glen, mist and fog. Not a creature of snow, ice, and cold.

February is a most beloved month to me. It is the month of romance and friendship. For my part, it is a month to not only remember those who may have a romantic part in my life, but also those special friends who I appreciate so much. I have already sent a very beautiful hair ornament to a lovely friend just so she will remember that there is someone in this world who thinks she is very special and without equal.

A few years ago, I remember having a harp instructor who was a single gal. She mentioned to me that she hated Valentine’s Day because she never had a romantic person in her life and she was very lonely. Secretly I smiled and the very next week, I presented her with some chocolate and a sweet card. She was very special to me and I wanted her to know how much I appreciated everything about her. After all, Valentine’s Day is for friends, not only for lovers.

Various shades of pink and red, too vibrant and lively to miss, are beginning to appear in shops all around my little mountain town. They are brightening up the monotones of white and gray we live with during this season.

Winter is very long in my realm of high mountains and deep snow, but with the coming of the month of February, hope returns and a fresh sense of happiness is restored to me. Snow and cold will be my companions for a while longer but the thoughts of friendship, romance, and loveliness add a touch of zest and warmth to my days; days that are expanding themselves and chasing shadows away.

May you remember those who are very special and let them know ~ Tasarwen

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