Anarya ~ Sunday

The brisk, cool temperatures of fall have swept through my realm. Change is happening again in my high mountain town. As I take my daily walk-abouts, my shadow is beginning to follow behind me when I travel in a southerly direction. The sun is taking its annual trek to the south and we in the northern climes will experience cooler days and even colder nights. It is the way of things and our seasons move along at slow and steady pace, keeping all of us humble with surprises.

I have been reading and musing more, and writing less. Summer has created an environment of laziness and I am enjoying the warmth and slowness of the season. It is a time for reflection and summation. Rarely do I feel guilty for a few moments of day dreaming. It is so restful to allow my mind to drift where it may. However, I must always be on alert. Negative thoughts are ready to pounce. During one of my times of pondering unanswerable questions, I realized that in the past ten years I have had to deal with more of the meanest, nastiest folks than I have known in my entire life-time.

I caught my breath with that realization and my mind stunned me with the thought that it had to be me. How in the world could one person (myself) have to run into so many of these people, all at the same time? It had to be my fault. I must attract toxic people. As I ran down the list of these guys, I realized that every one of them was truly unhappy. Because I truly believe that not one circumstance happens without it having passed across God’s hand, the thought came to me that He had placed each and every one of these souls in my path....on purpose. Then it struck me like a bolt of lightening. Could it be that He actually wanted me to pray for these guys? Heavens!!!

Now, praying for those who have persecuted, abandoned, and lied to me was not easy. I grumped. But, when I lifted my eyes and dropped my knee to the One who created it all, a peace shrouded my heart. Then I prayed. It was not a sappy prayer filled with loving thoughts, but instead it was a prayer of gentle words. The words rolled out of my heart and I truly hope that all were blessed. I could never have prayed that prayer in my own strength but when I asked for help in the doing, the Lord gave aid.

Fall always brings with it a burst of energy and I look forward to it every year. Methinks it is a season for more “doing” and less “thinking”. For me it is a time of storing up the last of the year’s warmth in order to last through the long, cold months of winter.

May you enjoy what is left of summer ~ Tasarwen

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