Eärenya ~ Thursday

During my walk-about this morning, while treading along paths dappled with sunlight, I noticed the path vanishing into a curved tunnel of darkness. At once I was overcome by a thought of mystery. I was well aware that the path continued on through the trees, but to my eyes it disappeared into a dark void. The path was really there but I could not see where it went and I had to trust that because it was there yesterday, it would be there today.

Many times in my life I have prayed for guidance and direction, always wanting to follow where the Lord may lead. Most of the time, I had not a clue and literally had to extend my foot to the very next step, seeing only darkness and having to trust that the path continued on. Now, I smile just thinking about it. There was that exciting sense of mystery about it.

It seems most refreshing to have some hint of mystery in our lives. I remember well, teasing my father about whether or not he ever read some of the male magazines, like Playboy. He shook his head and said that he would never waste his time on that stuff. But he did like to look at the Victoria’s Secret catalog. My eyebrows shot up to twelve o'clock high and stuck there for what seemed like an eternity. Gingerly, I asked him, why? Why, he said, those male magazines leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

I have never forgotten that eye opening discourse, primarily because my dad and I did not often have close and personal conversations. Stealthily, I was hiding my mirth and shock. So, I thought to myself, it has something to do with that air of mystery, does it? There was a lesson learned that day, to be sure.

Holding something back and not revealing everything right away takes some degree of self control and thought. It also takes wisdom and patience. Why give it all away without hesitation? What sense of fun and mystery is there in that? Methinks that God, in all of His glory, has an unlimited sense of humor and truly wants us to laugh and trust Him, without the least bit of hesitancy. Living life to the fullest means to walk forward without seeing through the dark, holding tightly to His hand, with a toss of the head and a smile on the face.

May mystery be delicious food for your imagination ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

Recently, out of curiosity, I perused old journal entries from my private journal made during the month of August. To see the progression of my life, year after year was a delight. Over and over again, however, I noticed that I mentioned that this very time of the year was a time to wring the very last of summer out of the days of warmth and light. Usually, I wrote very little during this time and instead, stayed outside doing everything I could to enjoy the warm air and soothing embrace of summer’s loveliness. My hubby and I have immersed ourselves in our bike rides, mountain walk-abouts, and watching rainbows. For the more I can drink up the beauty of this time of the year, the more I can draw upon those memories during the time of cold and dark.

The most amazing sight opened up before me during an evening last week. We had a rain shower pass by, steaming its way to the east, and the sun was setting to the west. There, to the east, was a perfect rainbow. One end of it plunged down into a mountain ravine and the other end disappeared into the trees on the other side of the valley. I have never seen colors so vivid and crisp in a rainbow. Over the top of that perfect rainbow, floated another! It literally took my breath away! Sadly, all of this occurred as we were driving home and I did not have my trusty camera with me. It was a tough lesson to be learned.

However silly it may seem, rainbows have always been a visual way to be assured of God’s promises to us; a promise of hope and security. To me it seems an assurance that indeed He is with me and His promises to me are never forgotten. Many times, I pray and do not hear an answer. When my heart is at its lowest, a rainbow appears. My fears and uncertainties are forgotten. I smile, just remembering it.

grotto falls

Just a few days ago, my hubby and I went for a long walk-about in the mountains near our abode. In the stillness of the forest, with early morning light streaming through fir branches, I was struck how golden was the very air around us. There was a hush and a whisper of moving fir branches high above us. It was the first signal of change; the hush before the next season whirls down upon us. Fall is a season that is brilliant and brief and the precursor of the season of purity of whiteness and cold. For fall signals the very last flicker of color before we are plunged into months of frozen stillness.

And so I am, once again, taken up by the combination of wistfulness and anticipation. And as time rolls along, change is once again on the brink of happening. It is a time to be ready to move forward and walk bravely on into the lovely snowfalls that await, right around the corner.

May you cast yourself over the edge and fall into bliss ~ Tasarwen

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