Menelya ~ Wednesday

To live an ordinary life artfully is to....live more intuitively
and be willing to surrender a measure of our rationality
and control in return for gifts of the soul.
~ Thomas Moore

As I sit in my state of dreamy recollection, my gaze travels out the window onto a landscape that has the look of winter about it. Snow is piled everywhere and there is not a hint of color to be had....anywhere. The past two weeks, we have endured two more sizable snows and continued cold. As I recall, there were but three days of bliss and bike riding. There is a bit of humor going around that summer is over for another year. Three days was the extent of it. I do smile with these thoughts, knowing that life in the high country consists mostly of winter. The other seasons briefly make a show and just as quickly, they wither and die. Truly, I simply take it in stride, knowing that this season is on the wane and will pass away, just as it is supposed to do.

There seems to be a certain grace by which life strolls along at its own pace. Perhaps, being at the gate to the Land of Ripening (old age), one begins to look forward only hours at a time. Or perhaps, one looks ahead only minutes at a time. The future is in God’s hands, not mine. It is so much easier to just sit back and cruise, not arguing with what will be, anyway.

However, there seems to be something that plagues me at times. I will be sitting, enjoying a time of leisure and all of a sudden something (or some thought) comes right out of the blue. Usually, the thought that blasts through my mind is, time to leave. Those three words hit me hard and I am literally compelled to get going. Be it a bookstore or a coffee shop, when those three words plow through my mind, I have learned to take heed and get out of there. In every instance, within minutes of walking into the door of my abode, the skies open and torrents of rain or showers of snow fall with vigor. Also, at times, the phone will ring and the person’s name will flash across my mind. Or a package will be delivered.

At other times, the words, gotta get out have streaked through my mind like lightening. One time it involved selling some stock and another time it involved getting out of the stock market all together....at the top. I have not a clue where this comes from. If it is a Heavenly gift, I am grateful, but it can be a painful gift. If I am in a place where it is enjoyable and these words flash through my mind, leaving becomes an act of strict obedience. Without knowing why or what, I have learned to listen and leave whatever it is I am involved with behind.

Recently, I left an online job that I enjoyed very much. Yes, there were happenings there that I could not “go along with”, however that had been going on for a long time and I merely ignored it. I loved my job and was blessed very much by it. By use of the authority given to me, I was able to help others and that brought me much happiness. However, those familiar words of mystery blistered across my thought process and I acted. I know not what the result will be but, sadly, I am no longer a part of that place. Where my path leads from here, I am without a hint of knowledge.

May you know the excitement and intrigue of a serendipitous life ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do,
begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
~ Goethe

There has been a most remarkable occurrence. A small British gal turned the entire world upside down. She dared to have a dream and with remarkable courage, took steps in the direction that would fulfill that dream. Though faced with rejection and jeering from every quarter, she never flinched and the minute her lips parted, she captivated even the most hardened of critics with the voice of an angel.

I have been very inspired by this little gal. Even the most humble among us can have the most magnificent of dreams, and those desires and dreams really can come true. For there is no doubt that Susan Boyle will be a professional singer, just like she boldly proclaimed before an audience that was totally against her. So against all odds, she did what she was born to do, even though she was criticized. She simply followed her heart.

Even though occasionally I am rather a fearful being, there are times when I have to follow my own heart. While everything around me is screaming and telling me that I am a total failure, I feel compelled to march forward into the unknown. I am afraid and know not what is going to happen as a result. But if I shrink back, restlessness is ever with me. Therefore, even though I quake, I simply must go forward, not knowing what is under my foot at the very next step. I would love to say that there is some sort of excitement in all of this, but truth be told, it is frightening. So, I take a deep breath, and knowing that I will never have a peace until I do the very thing that scares me to death, I take the plunge. Troubles may follow this leap of faith, but having a peaceful and content heart secures me. It becomes the right thing to do, no matter the consequences.

Another rather rare occurrence has happened in my mountain world. Just a few days ago, we received over fifteen inches of heavy, wet snow. For well over 24 hours, it snowed and snowed. We were buried in a thick blanket of white. Getting out in the early morning to dig a very narrow path was a challenge, to say the least. I huffed and puffed my way through the heavy white stuff, brandishing the snow shovel like a weapon of old. Recently, our temperatures have risen and a most of it has melted into a thirsty, spring-time earth. Spring in my realm consists mostly of these moisture laden snows. While flowers bloom and grass becomes green in other places, these snows are a herald of spring in my high mountain realm.

With spring here at last, the season for dreaming (summer) is just around the corner. My mind is pregnant with dreams and ideas. Summer seems to bring out the best in all of us who live here. Smiles are more plentiful and, noticeably, there is more zest in ones step. However, I enjoy spring (what little of it we have) and like always, look forward to the next season.

May you have the courage to dream big....very big ~ Tasarwen

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Isilya ~ Monday

This week past has been one of many contrasts. One afternoon, I was gazing out of a window at snow falling. With quivering lip I thought to myself, I simply must move further south. April can not be another month of snow and cold! The very next day, I was out riding my bike. Tree branches, still without their summer raiment, were cris-crossed overhead, appearing much like brown lace against the bright blue sky. Breathing in great gulps of fresh, clean air lifted my poor winter dulled spirits. Today, a cold drizzle is falling upon me, providing a moisture laden day. However, it is with great relief that I am able to enjoy being out of doors in a light jacket and without all the trappings of winter gear, such as gloves, a hat, and a scarf.

Something new has come into my life. On that beautiful first day of bike riding, I rode into my little mountain town to the local knit shop. That very afternoon, I was introduced to the world of knitting. Truthfully, I can not say that I “learned” to knit, as there seems to be a lot to this skill. Just holding my knitting properly has been an exercise in coordination. Because I often take up different skills such as this, I am well aware of the patience required and how much time it takes to finally “get it”. I must have knitted and ripped out stitches a dozen times. It proved to be a good time of learning and figuring out how all of this works. Each time of back-tracking brought forth new knowledge. My first project is a scarf. The yarn is all the colors of sea and sky, blending softy together. I am very proud of the first four inches, albeit it took me at least four hours to accomplish. An inch an hour does not sound very productive but I have learned how to take stitches off one needle and place them on the other needle. I have learned how to change from a knit stitch to a purl stitch, bringing the yarn to the back and then to the front. By a happy mistake, I learned how to do a twisted knit stitch. Actually, while backing up, I placed the stitches onto the other needle in the wrong direction but it is pretty neat looking. However, the wonder of it all is not only working with beautiful yarn, but also with beautiful knitting needles. I purchased the most beautiful needles that I could find and they are a joy to work with. Lovely tools always make my work more pleasant and enjoyable.

I have crocheted for many years, but now that I have discovered the world of knitting, I find that I have extended my happiness. It seems that one skill enhances the other and I feel blessed to be able to do one rather well, and stumble along while learning the other. I love learning new things and experiencing the great adventure of new challenges. It is much fun to wonder what each new day will bring, not thinking about tomorrow. Considering all the “what ifs” never fails to bring such worry into my life and the burden is simply too difficult to bear.

So I simply live and learn through each day, knowing that I will have to backtrack a time or two, all the while learning something new, while it appears that I am “dead in the water”. Movement forward at times seems impossible, but luxuriating in the journey is more fun to me than reaching the end of the trail. Just do not remind me that I have to learn how to pick up a dropped stitch and weave it all the way up to the top, using a crochet hook. *shudder*

May the excitement of newness be with you, always ~ Tasarwen

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Anarya ~ Sunday

We can never see the sun rise by looking into the west.
~ Japanese proverb

It is a strange thing to be under a winter storm warning, while another town 150 miles to the north and west of us is under a pollen warning. There is 1600 feet of difference in altitude. They are at 3,300 feet above sea level, and we are close to an altitude of 5,000 feet. There, weather is influenced by the moisture from the Pacific Northwest and ours seems to come steam-rolling down from Canada. Yet, 150 miles to our east, there is another town that is perched at the edge of a high desert. The weather is even more extreme in that place because of high winds and dryness.

Just this past weekend my hubby and I traveled to that town to the east of us. One evening, we were amazed by the fierceness of a blizzard that blew its way through. Snow fell horizontally and piled up everywhere. It gave me a feeling of uneasiness, to be sure. When snow falls softly without wind, I always feel comfortable and cozy. However, when snow blows in, howling and violent, I am tense and restless. There seems to be a feeling of vulnerability during those times. Perhaps, it is the same way with life. The gentle times bring relaxation and the violent times bring uneasiness.

The world today seems to be in a turmoil. Unrest is everywhere. While I could see it coming for many years, all of a sudden, it pounced upon us. Instability caused by fiscal irresponsibility and sudden downturns, has created a huge disturbances (in the force). What will the future bring? Will we be able to survive in the years to come? Often times, I am happy to live only in the moment. Thinking too far ahead brings anxiety and doubt to my mind. I feel as if I am drifting upon a rough sea, having not a clue where I am going.

Happily, with a sigh, I recognize the hand that holds it all together. Doubt is chased away by the winds of reason and I am aware of the great God who created it all. He is here and He knows. That truth is enough for me to rest in. Gently, He steers me through the day and stands watch over me at night. In His mighty outstretched hand, I lay my life. At times, it is a bit scary. At the same time, it brings relief. How do I do this, in this day of “reason” and “enlightenment”? Simply, by an act of my will. It is my decision and mine alone. It is a decision that brings peace.

May you see the Mighty One ~ Tasarwen

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