Menelya ~ Wednesday

I ask Thee for a present mind,
By patient watching wise.
A heart at leisure from itself
To soothe and sympathize.
~ unknown

Often, I realize that my pace through the day is fast and furious. By nightfall, fatigue is ever with me and I am beginning to notice its tendrils of weariness. There is comfort in a schedule (a disciplined life) but there is also captivity. A brief moment, just a wisp of time, comes when it is wise to stop and ponder. This very morn, I awoke to a world buried in a heavy snowfall. Who would have ever thought we would have several inches of snow this late in the season? Methinks it is a morning made for leisure. The very quietness and stillness makes for a time to be still and gaze about me. So with my kitty snuggled up beside me and a coffee cup on a bedside table, I am in a most unusual place, my bed. All activities for the day are suspended and held at bay. I am relishing in the moment and it is most soothing. A mini vacation is at hand. So, with pillows and quilts fluffed up around me and snow falling quietly outside, I am suspended in softness.

Because I simply refuse to write about boring and negative things, these writings do not reveal the plentiful pain that is in my life. I smile quietly to myself when a few of my dear readers mention that I must live an utopian existence. It is quite the contrary. But there is nothing to gain by recording the unpleasantness, so I do not. I would rather train my mind to skip over into the world of loveliness and dwell on things and issues of true worth.

And so what am I to do with this gift of a snowy day? Glittering hours stretch out before me like a string of diamonds, fully faceted and precious. It is truly a day of whimsey and serendipity. The idea of moving along moment by moment, letting comfort be my guide makes me smile and the thought of a day of rest makes me happy.

May you always see goodness and cast away the chaff. ~ Tasarwen

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Isilya ~ Monday

Spring still makes spring in the mind,
When sixty years are told;
Love makes anew this throbbing heart,
And we are never old.
Over the winter glaciers,
I see the summer glow,
And, through the wild-piled snowdrift,
The warm rosebuds below.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

april snow

Humorously, I have developed a penchant for sweeping snow off my front porch very early in the morning, while still in my bathrobe. It is indeed a funny sight and I feel very eccentric doing it. Freedom flies like wings in the face of what is “proper”. There is something magical in letting my eyes drift across a pastel colored landscape, reflecting the first light of a new day in freshly fallen snow. However, it is the month of April and it truly is time for spring. Often I have to remind myself that it really is April, after all.

There is hope all around me. Tulips are pushing their way up through snow and earth, announcing to the world that their time has come. Robins have returned to my mountain realm, enchanting me with their lovely song. The very air itself, has a fullness and richness to it. The thin, brittle, and cold air of deep winter is receding, pushed aside by moist air pregnant with life. Every branch and twig is carrying a bulge of promise; a promise of lushness.

However, winter is not letting go without a fight. I actually shoveled several inches of snow this very morning. It was the very heavy, moisture laden snow of early spring. Difficult as it was not to grump, I was filled with wonder at all the signs of a new season ready to step into center stage.

Many times, the anticipation of change is very exciting; more so than the actual change itself. Waiting and musing of a dream which may be fulfilled brings happiness to my life. I find myself moving forward and thinking less about unpleasant situations of the past. I do admit that the change itself often throws me into a state of confusion, but thinking about it carries along excitement.

Of late, I realize that I need more time to just daydream. Being a “doer” and not a dreamer, I am on the go from morning to night. I have been going down my list of things to do and have almost made up my mind to stop teaching harp for a while. I have been doing this for three years, almost non-stop. Whenever my mind drifts into that area of my life and a feeling of relief flows over me at not planning teaching sessions, coaxing my students to practice, or playing everything they play, I wonder. Just thinking about making this change brings peace. This is a time for prayer and a time to seek God’s will for He directs my life and gives me wisdom to make these decisions. At times I have to simply take the plunge and make the change, but most of the time a peace comes over me when I muse about it, along with excitement and anticipation.

May your daydreams bring peace and fulfillment ~ Tasarwen

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Aldúya ~ Tuesday

A soft bluish glow of pre-dawn light greeted me as I padded down to the kitchen for my first cup of rich coffee. I delight in grinding my own coffee beans, so the flavor is very enticing. A two inch blanket of new snow had fallen upon my realm, during the night of this end-of-March day. My entire being longs for the soft colors of a spring morning, but the fresh snow jogged my memories and while my coffee was brewing, my mind drifted away. There is something about the soothing sounds of a coffee pot, merrily producing its bounty of eye-opening beverage.


Not too long ago, as I slowly awakened in my bower, I knew not where I was. Slowly, I stretched my limbs just as the pedals of a flower would unfold and suddenly realized I was lying inside a large hibiscus flower, on my back. There was the delicious feel of a silken flower petal against my back and the fragrance of a early summer garden slowly wafted my way. Along with that there was the soft drone of bumble bees carrying on the still morning air. Upon opening my eyes, I was tumbled back into my world of white and brown. Snow was falling softly outside and all was still in a blush colored light. Winter....that time of contrasts: beautiful and terrifying, all wrapped up into a time of reflection.

Many times during the long winter season, I love to wander into a florist shop. There is a fragrance of life and delight in such a place. Plunging my nose deeply into a peony blossom or old fashioned rose and inhaling brings instant happiness. Wandering around in such a place always lifts my spirits and with it comes a feeling of hope. That feeling of hope enables me to endure and create paintings in my mind of beautiful tomorrows.

And so my life continues, very much like the seasons. There is always change and something to look forward to. There are times to be still and endure, and there are times to move forward, letting beauty reveal itself in many small ways. Moving along with the flow of life, being thankful for each moment, and hoping for that small bit of astonishment, keeps me on the right path.

May you delight in the fantasies of your mind and wallow in the moment ~ Tasarwen

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