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Buildings move.  

No matter where they are in the world, wind, thermal, and seismic elements are forces of nature constantly at work on your building, causing wear and damage – or worse – threatening people’s safety. When it comes to your building… Don't settle.

  Join the Movement with the countless others across the world using Inpro’s Expansion Joint + Fire Barrier Systems. Experienced experts and a proven product selection of technically engineered expansion joint solutions help support you and your building from start to finish.  

So stop settling. Join the Movement™ with Inpro. 


Proven Products. Helping Buildings Move All Over the World.

Inpro offers a wide selection of Expansion Joint and Fire Barrier solutions to help your buildings move. Whether you need solutions for fire, wind, thermal energy, seismic movement or heavy equipment, we have proven products that will meet your need. Featuring:

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Expansion Joint + Fire Barrier Education

Expansion joint & fire barrier systems don’t have to be intimidating. Inpro provides two CEU presentations to help you understand what your building needs to move in just the right way. Plus, with 150 years of combined field experience, you can count on Inpro’s experienced experts for full-service support.

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Trusted in some of the most iconic buildings in the World.

You can find Inpro’s Expansion Joint & Fire Barrier solutions in countless buildings across the globe.    

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Catch Us On The Road!

Our expansion joint systems are on the move... literally. You can find us out on the road from Florida all the way to Pennsylvania this year. Check out where we're been and where we are going next!


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Easy Install. And, we mean it.

Quick and easy installation of expansion joint & fire barrier solutions happen here due to proven products &; innovation.

Resources to Keep On-Hand

Inpro’s experienced movement experts provide full-service support for Expansion Joint & Fire Barrier solutions for what you need, when you need it. From education and in-person consultations, to helping select a system or diagnose an install problem – we’ve got you covered.

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