ssenya ná Tasarwen Calafindë. Translated to English that means, “my name is Willow maiden Light hair.” I have been gifted with the uncanny ability to bend with life’s troubles and not break when they are too burdensome. Along with that, I carry light colored hair. Where once it was the color of sunshine, it is now becoming the color of starlight.

I was born during the month of flowers, in a realm of mountains. However, part of my growing up years was spent near the ocean. There is a call to me of both mountains and sea. At the time of these writings, I live in a valley rimmed with sharp teeth of high mountain ranges. It is a land of long winters and lovely summers; of ice and change. I love to take long walks and take notice of small things, everywhere. Often I carry a camera for capturing those small treasures and often, I dream and muse about these very gifts. My mind travels through misty glens, up high peaks, and along cool streams.

Early in the years I have spent on this planet, I discovered that I could have a close relationship with the Creator of it all. He sent His Son, Jesus to we humans as a gift so that, through Him, we can have eternal life. Before these revelations in my life, I was an agnostic. I truly thought that God was “up there” and we were “down here”, mucking around the best we could. I read the book of John in the Bible and I believed.

While contemplating this enormous enlightenment, I read an article about a pilot flying an airplane. When we travel by way of plane, we have faith in the people who are flying us along, and who are located behind a closed door, in the cockpit. We can not see them, but we have faith that they will get us where we want to go. The thought came to me that if we can believe that mere humans can truly take us through the air in an airplane, why can we not believe that there is a God, who loves us and cares about us?

I am not bound by any man-made club, cult, denomination, or “ism”. Rather, my heart belongs to the Lord. I believe that He takes care of me and guides my way through the path of life. I also believe that I will live with Him forever in Heaven. These beliefs have brought me true peace and contentment, in the middle of life’s turmoil. I am what you would call a true believer, although many prefer to lump us all together and call us Christians.

I have been on this planet many seasons and I am nearing the winter season of my life. There is a parting from the time of youth and an entering into a time of wisdom and clarity of thought. It is a time in which high energy shares time with calmness and serenity. It is a good time.

The past has begun to fade into the mists and has softened with the passing of time. My future is before me, glittering with promises and excitement. Today is a gift, and all I have to deal with. With the Lord’s leading, it is the gateway leading to tomorrow.